KAV – Universa …

KAV – Universa …



KAV – Universal Premium Cover lightweight 80 GSM Heavy Duty plastic Waterproof Tarpaulin Tarpoline tarpaulins Ground Sheet in Blue or Green For campin DescriptionKAV Tarp are lightweight ( 80 GSM) , waterproof Ideal cover for groundsheet temporary waterproof covers for applications in the home / workplace / builder sites / including but not limited to camping groundsheets, wood stack covers, building sites covers, sandpit covers, garden furniture cover, pallet covers and salt stack covers. i.e ? BUILDING SITES: protects lumber, aggregates & machinery ? FARMS: protects grain, animal feed & machinery ? HOME: covers boats, trailers, swimming pools, garden furniture & BBQs ? LEISURE: ground sheet, seating shelter, picnic & beach mat, windbreak ? Our economy tarpaulins come with 12mm aluminium eyelets at metre intervals in rope reinforced hems, and remain flexible even in sub-zero temperatures. These poly tarps are UV protected, rotproof and shrinkproof. Please Note: All our tarpaulin sizes are cut sizes which is industry standard terminology for the size of the material before it is fabricated into a tarpaulin. Therefore expect the finished size to be up to 30 cms shorter, and up to 45cm on very large sizes. Most tarps will have a seam as they are fabricated by heat sealing several pieces of polyethylene together. Product Tags Heavy Duty, Sheet

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