New EC-316 Gardening …

New EC-316 Gardening …



New EC-316 Gardening Tester Soil Detector EC Probe Soil Test EC Meter for Household Potted Flower Pot DescriptionDescription:
Soil EC, also known as soil electrical conductivity, is an indicator for determining soil water-soluble salt, and soil water-soluble salt is an important attribute of soil, and it is a factor that determines whether salt ions in the soil restrict crop growth. Too high or too low soil EC will hinder the growth of crops. Different plants have different suitable soil ECs according to their fertilizer requirements and growth stages. Generally between 0.4 and 1 (ms/cm). In the same area, under normal circumstances, we believe that the higher the EC value, the higher the salt content. Note: conductivity value, 1ms = 1000us.

Measuring range: 0.00ï½ 4.00 mS/cm
Resolution: 0.01 mS/cm
Accuracy: Â2â…F·S
Automatic temperature compensation: 0âï½50â
Battery: 4Ã1.5V (AG13)(not included)
Dimensions (mm): 245 x22 x20 mm
Weight: 75g

Package included:
1 * EC Meter (battery not included)

Details pictures: 
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